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Sometimes you only get one opportunity. Sometimes you have to create the opportunity. But when the opportunity keeps returning you realise that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. So just do it. If it is for you only so be it. If it is for you and another person great and if it is for you and many more even better. If it is for the spirit world only, forget it. How do you balance the will of yourself and the will of the spirit world? I hope this opportunity will get me nearer the answer to this. I am here as a human being so that is what I need to be doing. But what is a human being? And how

To fulfill some of my inner wishes that big parts of me successfylly have denied since I a a child. To come closer to a world that I have denied for too long. To love and be loved for purposes beyond. To grow and expand my mind and spirit. To receive and give. To laugh and to cry. To change my mind. To listen and. To be touched and touch other spirits. to be a fullfilled human soul here and now. To truly love and care . To see and hear boyond what we know. To expand my mind and soul. Togetherness. To connect. To answer to my prayers and thers. To let go of control. To trust the golden path of love and light. To endure the pain of denial is now over. The pain of loneliness can never be.The journey is full of fellow passenger. A few have stayed behind a few is waiting at our destination. But we are all passengers on different journeys. I have left my country of birth many a times. To search for what I do not get as I never knew what I was looking for. I have now a clearer picture of what I am looking for. My whole body, mind and spirit is now ready for the journey the ooprtunity thats lies ahead. No more running away, no more denial, no more no more. I welcome this opportunity as I. Sunshine is back . Thrilled and grateful for this opportunity. I shall treat it with the highest respect. No more technical mediumship no more taking it for granted. Thank you perservering and thank you for sending Mavis my way.

There will be no more denial. There will be no more running away. I have felt you all over the years and I am now ready to serve. With a tad of stubborness of course. My path was always clear it was my vision that was not.

This opportunity means to learn and enjoy the history, philosophy, development and adventures of the spirit world that my spirit has been craving for but I for so long have been denied.

I am taking the first step in accepting who I am and why I am. No more denial no more running away.