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Mavis Pittilla OSNU CSNU LSSNU  

(15 sep 1939 - 22 aug 2022)

Så här skriver mediet Mavis Pittilla om privatsessioner:

"Mavis believes that a private sitting is an opportunity for the discarnate soul to spend some quality time with the incarnate soul. In other words, for the people in the spirit world to spend time with their loved ones on the earth. In large demonstrations evidence of survival is provided but not with the same intimacy which can be given in a private sitting.

Memories of special times are shared, private insights given and more importantly love communicated.

The success of a sitting depends upon a number of variables such as; pre-conceived ideas, the desire to link with a specific person and the soul link between the medium and the sitter. She believes that there is a medium for everyone but not one medium for all. People have to find the person who suits them best.

Mavis has worked all over the world conducting private sittings and language is no barrier, for example when working in Norway she was communicating with someone in spirit and the sitter asked whether she could ask a question in Norwegian. She wanted to elicit a response in English through Mavis. Trusting spirit Mavis was able to provide the correct answer for the sitter which was excellent confirmation of real communication.

Mavis has repeat sitters but she does not encourage anyone to use sittings as a crutch to support their lives and take away responsibility, however she has a loyal following who trust her sincerity. Indeed some have visited her spasmodically for over thirty years."


Mavis Pittilla om demonstrationer/storseanser:

"A public demonstration of mediumship is an opportunity for a medium to link people from the spirit world with their loved ones on the earth. The difference between this form of linkage and a private sitting is that the information provided can be heard by other members of the congregation or audience depending upon the venue. (Church or Theatre)

Sensitive personal information will never be revealed.

Mavis has demonstrated all over the world from the largest theatres to the smallest spiritual centres and churches. She loves this opportunity to be the link between the two worlds and to bring joy for both. Mavis will often use the phrase “Let’s have a party” because the upliftment she feels is the energy from both worlds.

In large demonstrations not everyone will receive a message or contact but the majority still go home inspired because they have seen how the people who received the contacts were touched by the re-union.

Mavis does not believe she has to prove ‘life after death’ the spirit world do it themselves."


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